BonRexton Granfondo

133K of scenic cycling fun

Port Rexton
September 7, 2019
133 km

What's Included

Last Year's Good Stuff

  • Coffee provided by Two Whales Cafe

  • 4 Aid Stations (Including Round Da Bay Inn and Bonavista Bicycle Picnics)

  • 1 Port Rexton Brewery Pint

  • Free massages after the ride in the Proactive Physiotherapy Clarenville Recovery Zone

  • Roving Mechanic

New This Year

  • More capacity for riders

  • Full post-ride dinner buffet provided by Round Da Bay Inn

  • Port Union Historic district Addendum

The Granfondo

8:00 am - Sept 7
Aid Stations
1. Port Union Historic District - 25KM
- Washroom facilities
- Fruit
- Water
2. Bonavista Bicycle Picnics- 45KM
- Washroom facilities
- Light snacks
- Water
3. Hodderville - 70KM
- Fruit, trail snacks
- Water, Gatorade 
4. Round Da Bay Inn - 95KM
- Washroom facilities
- So much stuff
- Water, Gatorade, Cola, etc

This is the big one, 133km to complete the full BonRexton loop. There is an optional bailout along route 237 just past Bonavista. You can find the detailed route here.

The Minifondo

Aid Stations
1. Port Union Historic District - 25KM
- Washroom facilities
- Fruit
- Water

If you're relatively new to cycling or don't feel like the big ride is your cup of tea, the MiniFondo is the one for you. This route will take you to Catalina with a little detour through Port Union and then back to Port Rexton.

Click here for the full detailed route.

8:10 am - Sept 7

About BonRexton

The BonRexton Granfondo is a celebration of Newfoundland and Labrador's unique culture, cuisine and topography. 

Conceived in 2018 over a pint in St. John's, the goal was to create an adventure for road cyclists in one of the province's most vibrant, yet rural, regions. Collaborating with local businesses like Port Rexton Brewery, Two Whales Coffee Shop, Fisher's Loft, Oh My Cheeses, Bonavista Bicycle Picnics and Round Da Bay In, organizers aimed to create an event which would be more than just a big bike ride. 

With roads hugging rugged coastlines throughout one hundred and thirty beautiful kilometres, BonRexton Granfondo riders will roll through small communities which boast hundreds of years steeped in seafaring history as well as modern cultural innovations. Riders pass towns revitalized by breweries, coffee shops, artist studios and world-class tourism amenities.

This ride is fully supported, with a roveing mechanic and multiple first aid patrolling the course throughout the day. Riders will finish off at the school for a reception, followed later on by drinks at the Brewery.


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